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Report Design team 1

Team 1: Anine, Matias, Dina and Herman started GEUDy Design

What is 3D? What is 3D-printing?
3D is an abbreviation for three-dimensional. A 3D-model or figure has three dimensions, which means that there is a height, width and depth, an x-axis, y-axis and a z-axis. 3D is something we are experimenting everyday, for all objects that are around us are three-dimensional, because we live in a three-dimensional world. We can use a 3D-printer to print out three-dimensional objects. But this printer is not a regular printer. This printer print out modells and figures with an x-,y- and z-axis. 3D-printing is used within product development, industrial and also architecture and model building The 3D-printing process is controlled by computer programs.

Who are we?
We are students from Vågen Upper Secondary school. The design team we are from is Geudy Design, and the team consists of Matias, Herman, Anine and Dina.

Why are we doing this? We do this to learn, and to learn something new.
What experiences do we have with 3D-applications? What knowledge did we have? What can we in the end? What have we learned? What sources have we used?
Before we started this project, two of the group members had already used Sketchup already. Mostly to make buildings. The 3D-application we us now is Fusion 360, witch is a lot different to Sketchup. So we were all new to the application when we started.

What is our assignment? 
The assignment were to design and to print out chessmen. We as a design agency were going to create a chess board with chessmen, that we designed ourselves. We had to find a theme and also the age group the chess were for.

Who work in my team? Why work as a design team?
The team consists of 4 students. We are a design team, and our name is Geudy. The reason we are working as a team and not individual is because then we can discus ideas and mix ideas, and get the best possible results.

What is chess?
Chess is a broad game and can be played by 2 players. Each player will have 16 chess pieces. These chess pieces will be in 2 colours, mainly the two colours that is used is black and white. These 16 pieces contain one king, one queen, too rooks, two knights, two bishops and eight pawns. Most people play chess for fun, but there is also tournaments for chess.

What is our idea, -idea process and preparations?
Our idea were to design the chessmen as stylized famous buildings/architecture. First we found different buildings who we liked, but some of the buildings were to difficult to make so we had to sift out the once we wanted to use. When we had decided for 6 or 7 buildings, we all made our own sketches to se how we would like the chessman to look like.
King - Burj Kalifa 
Queen - Big ben  
Rook - Petronas towers
Knight - Burj Al Arab 
Bishop - World Trade Center
Pawn - Gherkin

How were the chessmen made?
-Design process, procedure in Fusion 360, printing, exact dimensions, material, colour grounds etc. In our design process we decided together how the chessmen should look like, exact dimensions, colours and material. We decided for our theme to me famous architecture/buildings. The size of the chessman are from 5,5 cm - 8,5 cm, and the colours were grey and white. After the design process we made the chessmen in Fusion 360. When we made the chessman we had to try and fail, cause we are all we new to the program.

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